KIP, Investigative Services, LLC maintains this web-site, which has been updated on February 6, 2013.
Black and White
     During an investigation, there can be gray areas.  But, investigations supported by video taped evidence removes the gray area and documents the activities, putting everything into perspective - black and white.
     KIP, Investigative Services, LLC has been providing such documented evidence in support of claims resolution since 1994.
     Through the years we have adapted to changes in strategies and technology, taking full advantage of technological advances that can give us the edge and the quality we demand for our clients.  With today’s available resources, there is no reason a client should have to wait for weeks to receive the results of a case, and, there is no reason for sloppy or incoherent reports.  Our reports are simple, concise, and easy to read.  Pertinent information is easy to find and decipher.
    We do not have the usual gimmicks associated with the “nationwide” investigative companies - NO on-line case management databases to log into; NO passwords to remember; NO requests to go through a third party; NO marketers; NO “integrity” or “documentary” video.
    You always have quick and easy access to investigators in the field, using telephone, email, or text.  You always talk to an investigator, not a marketer!
    Best of all.  With all of our changes and adaptability, there is one thing we have never changed - our billing!  One daily flat rate!  No expenses!